Monday, March 17, 2008

Yellow Badges on Postage Stamps

Yellow Badge 1995 Canadian stamp

Yellow Badge appears on a 1995 Canadian stamp in memorial of the Jewish Holocaust.

Yellow Badge appears also on:

JNF “remember” Stamp from 1987

Israeli “The Bear” stamp from 2003

Israeli “Holocaust & Revival stamp from 2003

American “Liberation of the Nazi Camps” stamp from 1995.

Picture is courtesy of Stephanie Comfort.

Holy Ark Curtains

Holy Ark Curtains postage stamp 1998 Star of David

One of three Festivals 5759 (1998) Holy Ark Curtains postage stamps issued in 1998 carries a Star of David and a Menorah, two Jewish emblems that appear often on Holy Ark Curtains. Designed by Yitzhak Granot.

Bir Chana

six-pointed star shaped Bir Chana Mosaic Floor

The six-pointed star shaped Bir Chana Mosaic Floor in Tunisia’s Bardo Museum which contains also the zodiac signs as well as the personifications of the days of the week

Photo is courtesy of bibbijian from Flickr

Magen David Album Exhibit on YouTube

YouTube Video
-The Magen David Album Exhibit shows 25 actual works of art that were published during the last two-years on

All the works deal with the Israeli national emblem- the Star of David. Artists who met on cyberspace will shake hands and SPEAK with each other starting from

17th April 2008, 20:00, at Beit Sokolov, the Government Press Office, Tel Aviv, Israel.