Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Third Maccabiah Stamp

Third Maccabiah Stamp jewish star Stars of David on the Third Maccabiah Stamp that was issued on 10/01/1950.

Merwas Bible

Joseph ben Yehuda Merwas finished in 1307 writing and illustrating his bible. At the end of Deuteronomy he drew a Star of David in a circle so that each triangle is made from two lines. Joseph Ben Yehuda Merwas belonged to the school of Spanish Jewish illustrators, same as the Kennicott bible illustrator, who also drew Stars of David.

Akiva Kenneth Segan, Mosaic

Star of David mosaic art Photo of Star of David mosaic/drawing is courtesy of Seattle artist Akiva Kenneth Segan
Title: Life & Death In The Ghetto.
Created in August - December, 2005.
Mosaic made from colored glass and ceramic plates, bowls and cups.
The drawing media is ink, gouache & colored pencil.
Size: 3 feet x six feet.
Copyright: Akiva Kenneth Segan 2007
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