Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rif Flag

Rif Flag HexagramSergio Camero reports this Flag of the 2nd Company, 2nd Regiment of Regulares Infantry Rif of the Spanish Armed Forces. The Rif War lasted from 1921 to 1927.

                           Rif bank note

Fish Scale Coin

Fish Scale Coin hexagram
The smallest coin ever made by the United States Mint was nicknamed "fish scale." The main design featured a six-pointed star behind a shield...Reverse: The Roman numeral III sits inside a large "C," meaning "3 cents."
[surrounded by stars some of which are six-pointed]

Orphaned Land

I already wrote in this blog a few times about attempts to deal with uniting the main monotheistic religions. It is the most obvious solution for those who preach for stopping wars, because one of the main reasons wars occur is the friction between these religions. What is worth paying attention is that the Magen David finds its way to these attempts. E.g.
Orphaned Land is a Progressive metal band from Israel whose music contains Middle-Eastern influences. Their album "Mabul" tells the Story of the Three Sons of Seven (one son for each monotheistic religion) who try to warn humanity of a coming flood as punishment for their sins. Eventually they fail since the people refuse to listen to them and the flood comes to be.
The first son bore a Star of David upon his crest.