Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gederah Bell

Magen David appears on the old Gederah Bell that was used to gather the citizens more than 100 years ago. The picture was shot by Ya’acov Shkolnik. Copyright: Ya’acov Shkolnik 2008

I thank Dobush from Kfar Aza and Oded Israeli for referring me to this historical image.   

Byzantine Hexagram Oil Lamp

Hexagram appears on Byzantine hexagram oil lamp from Shlomo Moussaieff collection.
Otto Friedrich August Meinardus,  a German Coptologist and pastor (1925 – 2005),  mentioned a few other Greco Roman terra cotta lamps  in his article "The Hexagram or the Magen David in Byzantine Art" (in the Bulletin of the Christian Archeological Society 8 (period IV)(1975-1976) p. 97-100):
Excavated in Jerash – Goodenough, I, 161; VII, 358; I:142; VII, 251
Excavated in Samaria – George Andrew Reisner et al, Harvard excavations in Samaria 1908-1910 Cambridge 1925 Vol. II Pl 96 c.
Excavated in Ephesus – Forschungen in Ephesus, osterreichisches Archaeologisches Institut, Wien, Vol. IV, 773, Pl. V
Excavated in Athenian Agora – Judith Perlzweig, the Athenian Agora – Lamps from the Roman Period first to seventh century, Princeton 1961, nos. 353, 2440.