Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Byzantine Hexagram Oil Lamp

Hexagram appears on Byzantine hexagram oil lamp from Shlomo Moussaieff collection.
Otto Friedrich August Meinardus,  a German Coptologist and pastor (1925 – 2005),  mentioned a few other Greco Roman terra cotta lamps  in his article "The Hexagram or the Magen David in Byzantine Art" (in the Bulletin of the Christian Archeological Society 8 (period IV)(1975-1976) p. 97-100):
Excavated in Jerash – Goodenough, I, 161; VII, 358; I:142; VII, 251
Excavated in Samaria – George Andrew Reisner et al, Harvard excavations in Samaria 1908-1910 Cambridge 1925 Vol. II Pl 96 c.
Excavated in Ephesus – Forschungen in Ephesus, osterreichisches Archaeologisches Institut, Wien, Vol. IV, 773, Pl. V
Excavated in Athenian Agora – Judith Perlzweig, the Athenian Agora – Lamps from the Roman Period first to seventh century, Princeton 1961, nos. 353, 2440. 

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