Monday, January 29, 2007

Flag of Salta Province

Salta Province hexagram
Photo is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Salta is a province in the northwest of Argentina.

The flag of Salta was officially adopted …on June 5, 1997, after a contest for designing…The flag has the color of the poncho of Salta…Some of the devices at the center of the field have elements we find on the provincial coat of arms… a light blue ellipse with a golden border. At the middle of the ellipse, a six pointed silver star with a yellow 32 rays sun at the center of that star. Around the ellipse, 23 smaller golden stars of similar design representing the 23 municipalities of the province. .. The six-pointed silver star recalls a star-shaped medal given to General Martín Miguel de Güemes after the victory of the Battle of Humahuaca in 1817 over the Spanish royalist army.
Source: Flags of the World

Nuwaubian Nation flag

The Nuwaubian Nation black, red, and green flag shows a six-pointed star, above a crescent and there's an ankh inside the star.
Nuwaubians say the six-pointed star represents the Sun, the crescent represents the moon, and the ankh represents the key to eternal life... 
The Nuwaubian Nation is a religious sect started by Malachi York that mixes a wide variety of New Age, Afrocentric, and other beliefs.