Saturday, March 25, 2006

Star of David-Clock

I bought this beatiful Star of David-Clock from Asaf at his factory in Rosh Haayine, Israel.

Preparing Star of David Lampshade Paper

After making the framework my son started to cover the star of david with an expensive paper.

Preparing Star of David Lampshade Framework

This is the beginning of the long journey to build an original 3D folded paper Star of David.


magen david lantern hand made
60-cm-high Star-of-David-lampshade hand made by my son

Star-of-David Where-to

star of david maze
Sometimes it is not clear where is Zionism headed and it looks like a maze...
Designed on my Photoshop.

The Hebrew word on the bottom means bewilderment, but it comes from the same root as the Hebrew word for maze (Mavoch and Mevucha).


jewish magen david Clock
I designed this Jewish-Clock on my Photoshop and later on found out that Asaf from Rosh Haayin is manufacturing it... Isn't that a coincidence?