Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Non-Jews wearing Jewish Symbols

As a vendor at the ICEJ Tabernacle conference In Binyaney Ha’uma in Jerusalem, I can testify about the extensive usage of Jewish Symbols including the Magen David by the 7000 Christian participants. 
Elyakim Haetzni commented on this phenomenon in an article published in Ynet a few months ago titled: The last Zionists.

Germans Wearing Yellow Stars

On May 30, 2007 Will King wrote in an article titled :For Zion's sake that the Tubingen Offensive Stadtmission church [250 members who all have a special love for Israel]  organized  March of Life around Holocaust Remembrance Day. The march ended at Dachau. Many wore yellow stars with "Jude" written on them.

Ofira Oriel, Point of Light

Star of David Israeli art

Photo is courtesy of Israeli painter Ofira Oriel who lives in Modi’in.
On top in the center we see a white Star of David with colorful circles inside
This work will take part in an exhibition in Efrat Gallery in Tel Aviv which will be opened on 19.10.2007

Copyright: Ofira Oriel 2007

Miki Harel, Jewish Bride & Yellow Badge

Star of David Israeli art-3

Picture of Yellow Badge in the center of a work titled Jewish Bride is courtesy of artist Miki Harel
Copyright: Miki Harel 2007