Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ramla Stamp

Star of David city
Ramla Stamp was issued on October 18, 1970.
Designers: brothers Gabriel and Max Shamir. They created a white Star of David on a blue background under an olive branch that symbolizes the good relationships between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Ramla, and a cogwheel that symbolizes the industrial aspect of the city.


Photo of Star of David on Tzedakah boxes (a.k.a. pushke) is courtesy of Liora who published it on Flickr. She herself doesn’t use it for Tzedakah but as a place for her doodles, drawings, and other creations. The Yiddish word, pushke is derived from the Polish word puszka and means: saving box.


Photo is courtesy of "time fly". He published it on Flickr with the caption:
There has been a Jewish settlement in Essaouira since before the Phonecians. The quarter still in good shape, but homes and buildings are identified by a 6-pointed star.

"time fly" wrote to me that this photo was taken in the Moroccan seaside little town of Essaouia. The Jewish community there dates from around 1700.