Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cathedral at Mazatlan, Mexico

Cathedral Mexico Hexagram Hexagram in a stained glass in the cathedral at Mazatlan.
Photo is courtesy of Amy Turner who published it on Webshots and wrote to me:
I wish I remembered more of the story the tour guide told us, but I believe he said that the cathedral was funded in part by local Jewish people. In their honor, the Star of David was incorporated into the stained glass.

Judeo-Christian House of Prayer

Each religion has its separate house of prayer so that Isaiah’s vision in chapter 56:6-7 about A House Of Prayer For All Peoples seems quite distant, but here is an example for a small step in the right direction...
Picture is courtesy of Robert Pollack who wrote to me

It's on the chapel (non-denominational) on the campus of Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi) in Oxford, Mississippi. I have heard that the chapel was built by a Jewish alumnus who married a Christian -- or maybe a Christian alumnus who married a Jew -- and who wanted to incorporate both images on the chapel.

Madonna Lily

I already wrote about the Lilium Candidum but Moti Salti has someting different to say about it on his very aesthetic blog he wrote that he believes the origins of the Hexagram and its meaning came from the lily, which King Solomon adored and chose as his symbol.  The lily has white petals and a phalic rod making it hermaphroditic - and that's why it is considered a symbol of unity of male and female.