Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Recent Visitors

I like watching my visiror's tracker; it gets me closer to you readers. I can see where you reside (see the above photo) and I can feel what articles interest you the most and try to guess why. 

Spinning Star

Photo of a necklace with a spinning triangle is courtesy of Eric from Flickr.  When you spin it quickly it looks like a Jmagen David. Eric's Spinning Star is working on the same principle my twirling flag of Israel is working on, and that's why I was so surprised to stumble upon it. Something similar happened to me with the Jewish Clock that I thought I invented until I stumbled upon a photo that my predecessor took of his Jewish Clock...

Unity of the Opposites

The Star of David is made out of three pairs of equilateral triangles. The one above is not better or bigger or richer than the one below. When you turn the Star of David so that the above is below you don't see any difference. They are identical. They are the same. You may say the one that was above is now below and vice versa; you may say that the wheel turns.

The one on the right side is the same as the one on the left.  Turning them the other way round doesn't make any difference – they look identical; they look the same.

If you turn it so that the front is now the back it doesn't make any difference: they look identical, they look the same.

Above and below, right and left, front and back – these are representatives of OPPOSITES. There are other opposites that are represented by them: right (right) and wrong (left); rich (up the social level) and poor (down the social level); heaven (up, good) and hell (down, bad).

Now, in this world there's a constant fight between the opposites: those who feel down (like slaves, or workers) fight those who are up (like masters or owners), those who feel right criticize those who seem wrong.

In the Star of David they all live together in the same shape without hurting each other. In the Star of David they live in PEACE.

The distance between reality (fights and friction between the opposites, war) and dream (no fights, peace) is expressed in this shape which contains the opposites without taking sides – like the 24 hours that contain the day and the night without being any one of them; like the next world which contains Garden of Eden and hell without being any one of them; like exhaling and inhaling which constitute our breath.