Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wine or Beer Barrel

King David star wine At first sight it looked to me like King David and his shield. Then I saw that the “shield” is a wine or beer barrel and the whole meaning changed. Then I read the words and understood that it is an old postcard of Hensel Berlin restaurant. Then I thought if it appears on Stephanie Comfort's Flickr pages it probably had been a Jewish restaurant, since she’s collecting Jewish pictorial history. Picture is courtesy of Stephanie Comfort

Modern Tribe Stars

Splendid Photos of Star of David lanterns are courtesy of Jennifer Rivlin Roberts and her husband who is an amateur photographer. I made in Photoshop a collage out of three different shots.
Jennifer wrote in the caption:
Whenever we'd see paper star lanterns we'd wish they'd make them with six points! At last -- six pointed star lanterns that will light up your Hanukkah party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah party, or sukah. Get bunches in white for a gorgeous outdoor wedding display.

Copyrights: Jennifer Rivlin Roberts 2007

Modern Tribe Logo

Star of David interesting logo Photo of Star of David interesting logo is courtesy of Jennifer Rivlin Roberts who published it on her brand new Modern Tribe web site