Saturday, September 15, 2007

Before The Spanish Expulsion -1

Jewish star Before The Spanish Expulsion -1 Photo shows the actual condition of the door of the supposed synagogue in Huesa del Comun (Population: 136).
It is is courtesy of Javier Lozano
Zaragoza (Spain)

Javier Lozano wrote to me
En Huesa del Comun hay solo esta estrella de David. Es previa a 1492.
Te envםo dos fotos. La primera muestra el estado actual. La segunda el estado original cuando se descubriף la puerta.
No sי cuando se descubriף la puerta pero lo preguntarי.
La gente cree que esta es la puerta de la sinagoga, pero no es seguro, en mi opinion.

Before The Spanish Expulsion

Star of David Before The Spanish Expulsion Important photo of Spanish Star of David before the expulsionis is courtesy of Javier Lozano
Zaragoza ,Spain.

Javier Lozano wrote to me
In Huesa del Comun there is only this (1) Star of David. It's previous 1492
I send you two photos: The first show the actual condition of the door. The second is the original condition when the door was discovered. I don't know when the door was discovered but I will ask. The people think this is the door of a synagogue, but it's not sure, in my opinion.

In 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel expelled the Jewish population of Spain, permitting only those who agreed to become Catholic to stay.

Colmar, France

France Star of David Photo of a Star of David on the sign of a restaurant is courtesy of "Navas" From Flickr
I cut most of it in Photoshop in order to make the star visible. The photo was taken at Colmar in Alsace, France. Colmar had a Jewish community in medieval times and again after 1800 and has one today.

Flag of Equality

Flag of Equality magen david

What do you think about my new sticker?
It is meant to show that the Israeli flag contains the sign of equality and heralds the future equality between the opposing parts of the Israeli society.

The Star of David symbolizes the unification of the opposites: up and down, left and right etc. The stripes on the flag look like the algebraic sign of equality.

I thought about this sticker after I read about the logo competition For I’srael’s 60th Independence Day…