Monday, September 11, 2006

dinner is ready

Picture is courtesy of "leonapoleon" from Flickr who found this road sign above a stake house restaurant in south Tel Aviv - Israel, and published it under the title knife and fork

Episcopal Star

This picture of a hexagram on an Episcopal Church in Salisbury, Maryland is courtesy of Big Mike 42 who published it on Flickr under the title: St. Peter's Church
Big Mike 42 wrote to me that he doesn't know what this Star of David is doing in this place but he'll ask and update me if he gets an answer.

Psalms 121:5

Psalms 121:5 Magen DavidPicture is courtesy of Ofira Oriel, Israeli Mandala painter who includes many Stars of David in her works. The Hebrew words are taken from Psalms 121:5
The LORD [is] thy keeper: the LORD [is] thy shade upon thy right hand.