Saturday, September 22, 2007

Candle And Star

Star of David wall hanging Photo of Star of David wall hanging is courtesy of "cross_and_star_of_david" who wrote to me 
Not much of a story behind it, the candle was for Shabbat, and I just took the picture at an angle to catch the star on the wall.

What caught my eye is the wall hanging – I think I never saw such a design. Where can I buy it? The wall hanging is so special that the combination with the candle doesn’t look Jewish at all.

Theodore Herzl inside a Star of David

Theodore Herzl inside a Star of David

Photo is from Herzl's Newspaper, Die-Welt. Usually these two symbols of Zionism compete - here they appear together in harmony.

Kenneth Snelson

hexagram-art-SnelsonPhoto of Star of David Needle Tower is courtesy of "Lukart" who published it on Flickr. The photo was taken at Kroller Muller Museum Holland. It is a Wire and metal outdoor sculpture made in 1969 by American sculptor Kenneth Snelson. The sculpture is 20 meters tall.