Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Magen David on a Toyota

Here’s a story: Zako steadily contributes pictures to this blog. He walks about in Jerusalem and photographs Magen Davids. Just now he sent to me this picture of a Magen David on a Toyota. What’s interesting is that I photographed the same car about a month ago, but my photograph was taken in the night with flash whereas his photograph was taken during the day. In my photograph we see the number of the car whereas in his photograph a black patch hides it. Since this car is unique, and parks regularly near my house- I knew where exactly was Zako when he shot it and I didn’t need his explanation.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Khadafi Solomon Seal Postage stamp

Philatelicum, manager of an eBay Store, sent me a video response (to my "Non-Israeli Star of David Postage Stamps") showing twelve "Khadafi" postage stamps issued in January 1st, 1986 that were withdrawn from circulation after two hours because there was discovered a rank in the shape of the Star of David (Muslims call it Solomon’s Seal) on Khadafi’s shoulder. 

Monday, December 29, 2008

Memories of the Horrible Nazi Period

This is the cover of a new book (sixth) by Dr. Martin Kieselstein. Title: Memories of the Horrible Nazi Period.  On the cover there is a cut in the shape of the Yellow Badge, which shows the yellow color of the page underneath it. The book is in Hebrew, English and German. It contains pictures of Bronze works created by Dr. Martin Kieselstein. The book was published in a private edition. To contact Dr. Martin Kieselstein


Tel. 97226407148

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mystic Hexagrams

12 Hexagrams, sun and moon appear in a book by German Christian mystic Jakob Bohme (1575- 1624), probably representing the zodiac.

Picture is courtesy of recienjubilado from Flickr

JNF Pins Carrying Magen David emblems

JNF Pins Carrying Magen David emblems logo

This collection of pictures of JNF pins carrying on them Magen David emblems is copied from the website of Hanan and Uri Ehrenfeld and edited by me.

Thanks to Dobush from Kfar Aza who referred me to this treasure.

All rights reserved to Hanan and Uri Ehrenfeld 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hexagram Brooch

Duchess Hexagram BroochHexagram Brooch on the hair of The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia 
1864- 1918
Picture is copied from Wikipedia.
Thanks to Dobush who referred me to this image.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Non-Israeli Postage Stamps with Six-pointed Stars

The following list includes postage stamps with six-pointed stars and NOT:

Cancellations, over-prints, six-pointed stars on envelopes etc, and NOT six-pointed stars on the Israeli flag, which is an independent symbol even though the Star of David is part of it.

The first part of this list includes stamps I published either on this blog or on my Picasa File.

Albania, Holocaust, 06/07/1999

Argentina, 50 years to Israeli Independence, 05/09/1998

Australia, Christmas stamp, 27/11/1967

Austria, Herzl's 125 years birthday, 07/05/1985

Barbados, Nidhe Israel Synagogue 3-stamps, 1987

Barbados, Freemasonry in Barbados 1740-1990, 1990

Barbados, Barbados centenary of cadet corps 5-stamps, 19/07/2004

Belgium, Yvonne Feyerick Nevejean saved Jewish children, 30/04/1995

Birobijan, "Israel-Palestine" 10 stamps, 13/09/1993

Brazil, First Synagogue in America, Recife, 21/10/2001

Brazil, Jewish Christian and the Arab year counting system, 2001

Bulgaria, Zodiac, 2003

Canada, Yellow badge memorial of the Jewish holocaust, 1995

Congo, Religion day with other symbols, 20/01/2007

Czech, Ganz tomb , 22/05/1967

Denmark, Christmas Seal (Julemaerke), 1904

Dominican Republic, Refugees, 1960

Dominican Republic, 50 years of Israeli independence, 1998

Ethiopia, Coronation stamp, 1930

Ethiopia, on map of Ethiopia stamp, 1972

Ethiopia, On King’s throne, 1966

Ethiopia, On King’s throne, 1961

Ethiopia, On King’s throne, 1967

Ethiopia, Ethiopian Empress, 1926

Ethiopia, Lion, 1944

Finland, Christmas stamps, 2000

France, Cemetery, 23/03/1963

Germany, Christmas 2 stamps Berlin, 1983

Germany, Synagogue, Munich, 01/03/2007

Germany, Hamburg 100 years since first Hamburg Stamps, 01/05/1959

Germany, Nazi Propaganda Stamps 3- series, 1937

Germany, Kristallnacht White MD as yellow badge, 13/11/1988

Germany, Kristallnacht DDR yellow badge, 08/11/1963

Holland, Cemetery, 1985

Holland, Synagogue, 1985

Holland, Christmas –2 stamps, 12/11/1995

Holland, Yellow badge, 05/05/1985

Holland, 25 years of Israel philately, 1978

Holland, Peace promoting stamp

Hungary, 60 years since the Holocaust, pebble, 16/04/2004

Hungary, Budapest Synagogue, 2000

India, Centenary of the Theosophical Society, 1975

Iran, World children's day breaking Zionist window, 1991

Iraq, Sabra and Shattela, 1983

Italy, Holocaust, 50 years yellow badge barbed wire, 1993

Jamaica, Christmas, 2001

Luxemburg, Madonna, 1945

Luxemburg, , 25/10/1999

Macedonia, New millennium- symbols of the main religions, 16/02/2000

Morocco, Tanger, 1896

Morocco, Tetouan set 1895/6 local postage services (created by Jews) 03/1896

Nepal, Founder of the first public schools in Nepal, 23/121994

Norfolk Islands, Christmas, 1964

Northern Ireland, 4 stamps

Poland, On a horse, 16/06/1955

Portugal, 100 years - Covilha city emblem 2 stamps, 1970

Portugal, Cervera Bible, 20/05/2004

Russia, Holocaust, yellow badge, 05/05/2000

Samoa, Sisifo Christmas set of 3, 29/01/1976

Senegal, Shylock, 26/02/1972

Serbia, Anti-masonry 3 stamps, 01/01/1942

South Korea, Cemetery stamp, 1960

Spain, Generalissimo Franco - o aid disabled soldiers in North Africa 29/11/1939

Spain, History Building Jewish Castle Caminos De Sefarad –3 stamps, 23/11/1998

Spain, Marruecos

Sri Lanka, World religion day, 20/01/1985

St Helena, Atlantic medal

Sweden, Red-riding hood, 1985

Switzerland, Christmas, 2008

Togo, Friendship with Israel, 1965

Tonga, Round stamp half Koala

Trinidad, 5 shillings

Uruguay, to mark the Jewish sport games Maccabiah, 1991

Uruguay, Commemorating 800 years since Moses Maimonides, 2004

Uruguay, Herzl, Theodore, 100 years to the first Zionist world congress, 17/07/1997

USA, 1879 USA newspaper stamp, 1879

USA, President Garfield, 1882

USA, Bernard Revel  - 100th anniversary of Yeshiva University, 1986

USA, Anti- German boycott stamp, 1933

USA, Wallenberg, Raoul yellow badge, 24/04/1997

USA, Commemorating the Liberation of the Nazi Camps, 1995

Yugoslavia, Anti-Masonic anti-Semitic 3 stamps, 22/10/1941


Non-Israeli Postage Stamps with Six-pointed Stars 


The following list includes postage stamps with six-pointed stars that I heard about but didn’t see with my own eyes. Including a list of Dr Claude Wainstain from France, and a list of Stephen H. Olson that Dr Claude Wainstain sent me.

Argentina 06/07/1996

Argentina 08/05/2008

Argentina 18/03/2001

Argentina 18/05/1996

Argentina 07/05/1981

Argentina 09/11/2004

Argentina 06/09/2003

Argentina 20/11/2003

Argentina 26/10/2000

Argentina 26/10/2000

Argentina 27/01/2006

Argentina 25/09/1982

Australia 1988

Barbados 15/05/2007

Brazil 18/11/1997

Brazil 22/06/2001

Canada 1962

Chad 1990

Chile 1984

Costa Rica 17/05/1996

Czech 1968

Czech 1970

Czech 16/08/1947

Dominican Republic 1960

Dominican Republic 09/12/1988

Dubai 1968

Ethiopia 1909

Ethiopia 1930

France 13/10/1990

France 01/12/1997

France 13/10/1990

France 26/06/1993

France 01/12/1997

France 23/03/1963

France 29/04/1963

Gambia 13/09/1996

Georgia 03/09/2001

Gibraltar 31/08/2006

Gibraltar 18/04/2006

Gibraltar 04/05/1999

Gilbert 22/09/1975

Gilbert 22/09/1975

Guiyana 26/07/1993

Haiti 1972

Haiti 1973

Hungary 16/06/2002

Hungary 05/08/1995

Hungary 19/09/2000

Hungary 26/07/1997

India 2007

India 09/03/1982

Iran 1984

Iran 1986

Iraq 1982

Italy 29/09/2002

Italy 05/02/2007

Italy 09/03/2007

Italy 02/11/1991

Italy 28/01/2001

Italy 07/03/1997

Italy 28/09/2007

Italy 05/05/1996

Italy 14/05/2008

Italy 13/04/1986

Italy 12/06/2003

Italy 07/06/2007

Italy 27/01/2004

Italy 28/03/1999

Italy 18/04/2004

Italy 09/11/2003

Italy 24/01/2004

Italy 14/05/1998

Jordan 1984

Kuwait 1986

Kuwait 1984

Luxemburg 09/09/1982

Luxemburg 25/10/1999

Marshall Islands 16/11/1998

New Found land 24/04/1964

Nicaragua 1970

Nille 05/06/1967

Norfolk Islands 14/05/2008

Panama 1962

Paraguay 1985

Poland 1940

Poland 01/11/2002

Poland 9/04/2008

Portugal 1970

Portugal 20/05/2004

Portugal 20/05/2004

Portugal 20/05/2004

Romania 29/01/2007

Romania 31/12/2002

Romania 29/12/2000

Romania 28/04/2000

Romania 21/09/2004

Romania 22/12/2004

Romania 21/08/1993

Romania 21/04/2000

Romania 14/08/2003

Romania 14/06/2003

Romania 10/09/2004

Romania 06/06/1998

Romania 15/05/1998

Russia 05/05/1965

Salvador 29/05/2008

Slovakia 09/09/2001

South Korea 1983

Spain 29/11/1997

Spain 29/11/1997

Spain 08/12/2001

Spain 29/11/1997

Spain 29/11/1997

St Domingo 30/04/1998

Sweden 1987

Sweden 1980

Switzerland 31/08/1997

Togo 1970

Tonga 20/10/1995

Turkey 25/05/2000

UN 1986

UN 1983

Uruguay 09/05/1976

Uruguay 19/05/1997

USA 02/09/2003





USA 16/11/1997

USA 23/10/1996

USA 20/10/1996

USA 06/02/1998

USA 24/10/2000

USA 11/07/1998

USA 08/11/1997

USA 14/05/2008

USA 19/02/1978

USA 02/12/1978

USA 23/10/1996

USA 23/03/1985

USA 27/11/1994





Male and Female Headstones

Star of David appears on a male headstone

Star of David appears on a male headstone, and a Menorah on a female headstone at the Dallas Jewish cemetery.

I read that the appearance of the Menorah on female headstones is connected to the verse from Proverbs 20:27 "The spirit of man is the LORD 's lamp".

Picture is courtesy of carlamarieweir

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Book Record in the Library


Looking for keywords “Star of David” I was surprised to find my own book record in the results’ page of the Israel Antiquities Authority Library.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shield and Star, King David and Hercules

This Greek Terracotta Drinking Cup (now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC), which is dated to ca. 560 B.C.E., shows Hercules fighting an Amazon. Right at the center we see a Shield with a six-pointed star surrounding a lily. In every day language, we might say that we see here the Star of David on a Shield. It makes you think that this is the ORIGIN of the Jewish legend about King David’s Shield with the six-pointed star engraved on it (or that King David who ruled around 1000 B.C.E. influenced the Greek mythology).
This picture is of the highest importance to me:
  1. Up to the present moment I didn’t publish any picture of Greek six-pointed stars.
  2. The connection between the six-pointed star and the lily, which became frequent in the first centuries C.E. (for instance, in Capernaum Synagogue ruins and in Ein Yael near Jerusalem)
  3. The connection between the six-pointed star and the Shield.
  4. The connection between Hercules and King David (they both are legendary heroes who killed a lion and a giant etc.)
This picture was taken by: Glenn Gulley from Flickr. Copyright: Glenn Gulley 2008
Pay attention that aside from the inner hexagram the composition imitates two equilateral triangles: a. arms and toes; b. heads and knees.

I guess if German rabbi and folklorist Max Grunwald [1871-1953] knew about this discovery, he would have jumped on it as a proof to his theory [Historia Judaica: a Journal of Studies in Jewish History, Espescially in the Legal and Economic History of the Jews, Vol. IX, 1947 , translated from German by Hilde Kisch, p. 118 ff] and in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia entry "Shield of David"

The use of the term “shield” points to an astrological and mythical connection, and is reminiscent of the shield of Melkart (Hercules), with which the latter slew the giant Antaeus

 Six pointed star on a shield from7Th Century B.C. Etruscan grave stele of Avele Feluske from Vetulonia, The National Archaeological Museum of Florence
:See also

Friday, December 19, 2008

Free Masons’ hexagram

Free Masons’ hexagram

Picture of Free Masons’ hexagram on the building of the lodge of Edinburgh in Scotland is courtesy of “tillwe” from Flickr.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Olive Wood Candlestick

For Chanukah, which starts next week, Aviram Paz from Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'emek prepared in his amateur carpentry workshop this original olive wood candlestick in the shape of the Star of David, and without any nail.
Size: 60X60 cm
Courtesy of Aviram Paz
Photographed by: David Eynav
Copyright: David Eynav 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

48 Triangles David Stars

48 Triangles David Stars Photoshop

I created this Photoshop work influenced by the same pattern at the Ishak Bey Mosque, Macedonia, but the photo I published from that place was too small, so I thought it would be nice to show you the admirable ingenuity of the Muslim geometricians who must have been behind the scenes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Brewery Six Pointed Star From Iowa

brewery-six-pointed-starThis is a Six Pointed Star from the floor of the Brewery at Dubuque, Iowa, USA. It continues a long chain of relationships between the hexagram and alcohol, starting from the 8th century BCE.

Picture is courtesy of "heimer66" from Flickr

Monday, December 15, 2008

P. D. Ouspensky: Union of Space and Time

Here's a new meaning of the six-pointed star, which no one mentioned [in this blog] until now: 

The six-pointed star which represented the world in ancient symbolism is in reality the representation of space-time or the " period of dimensions ", ie of the three space-dimensions and the three time-dimensions in their perfect union, where every point of space includes the whole of time, and every moment of time includes the whole of space; when everything is everywhere and always. But this state of six-dimensional space is incomprehensible and inaccessible to us…

Copied from: A New Model of the Universe  By P. D. Ouspensky Page 445 Published by Courier Dover Publications, 1997

ISBN 0486297012

Brewery Six Pointed Star

Brewery Six Pointed Star from Dubuque, Iowa, USA  - picture is courtesy of "SD Dirk" from Flickr

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gold hexaram Beer Star

Dobush from Kfar Aza sent me this Israeli beer label with a gold hexagram, which stands for brewery, and continues a Medieval  tradition of selling beer under the emblem of the beer guild.
Copyright: Dobush 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brewery Door in Brooklyn

Brewery Door in Brooklyn

Picture of a Brewery Star on a brewery door in Brooklyn, New York is courtesy of “iandavid” from Flickr. Every Star of David is a six-pointed star, but not every six-pointed star is a Star of David.