Monday, March 26, 2007

A Time for Peace

Picture of this super-original clock is courtesy of Jennie Gottschalk who designed it and published it on Flickr.
Jennie Gottschalk wrote in the caption:
Here is another "Star of David" graphic, inspired by Ze'ev. He's the "ideas man". All I have to do is create the graphic.

There are two six-pointed stars here, gold on top of silver , with a slight twist which creates an interesting framing for the letters. The letters are instead of numbers, the way Orthodox Jews design their clocks. I hope some entrepreneur will notice this design and buy from nzdzeni the rights to produce it in REAL silver and gold.

Count the Stars, If You Can

Picture is courtesy of Aviva Hadas who made this gorgeous quilt and published it on Flickr under the title: "wedding signatures". 
Reminds me of the verse in Genesis 15:5 where the Lord God took Abram outside and said:
Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can.

Jewish Stars Are Everywhere in India

Picture taken near Rishikesh, Indiaia, is courtesy of "Bear and Pocket" who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption: 
Jewish Stars are everywhere, and apparently they're just a decorative symbol (from what we've been told)...this one was on the window of the jeep we took through the national park.
Bear and Pocket wrote to me:
we are Jewish, so we find all the Stars of David especially meaningful.
it's fascinating to see them all over india, where we're
told they are a decorative icon!