Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More stars of David on Bookplates from Lew Jaffe

More stars of David on Bookplates from Lew Jaffe

 stars of David on a Bookplate of Doctor Samuel W. Boorstien

  Star of David on a Bookplate of Jewish Cultural Revival

  Star of David on a Bookplate of Dr. Josef Katchmann

Star of David on a Bookplate 

Star of David on a Bookplate

Alexander Kohut


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Herbert Pagani : L'Etoile d'Or

 Herbert Pagani's song about the Star of David 

L'Etoile d'Or

Thanks to Sabina Saad for referring me to this song

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The star of David in Brazil

Prof. Anita W.Novinsky from Sao Paulo University is an expert on the subject of the Anusim (Crypto Jews, Coversos) in Brazil. I saw a long  interview with her on the Documentary: A Estrela Oculta do Sertão, dealing with the subject of the estimated 120 million Anusim in Brazil. I asked her if she stumbled upon Stars of David in Brazil.
She wrote to me that the star of David is very common in the north east of brazil, by the  people in  general. (according to the above mentioned documentary most of the  anusim are concentrated in this area).  
The star of David is used by fishermen, who leave to the sea in a boat, and in the bottom of the boat they print the star of David, to give them  luck.
There are anusim who use the star in their chain, and in their homes  it appears frequently.
Prof. Anita W.Novinsky referred me for detailled  informations in the books of the famous folklorist Luiz Camara Cascudo.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Enigmatic Israel flag

David Glassman
If you know what is the symbol inside the Star of David
 please comment under the picture

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mosteiro de Sao Bento em Sao Paulo

 Pictures and captions are courtesy of Iara Czeresnia (c) 2011
Menorah in  Mosteiro de Sao Bento em Sao Paulo
Built in the 20th Century C.E

Pattern of Hexagrams Triangles and Hexagons
on the floor
 in  Mosteiro de Sao Bento em Sao Paulo

Caption: Stella  Eius  
[HIS Star]
under Hexagram
on the entrance Door to
Mosteiro de Sao Bento em Sao Paulo

Entrance Door to
Mosteiro de Sao Bento em Sao Paulo

The  Pastor of this Church
Irmão João Batista 
Wrote to Iara Czeresnia that 
the six pointed Star represents the People of God and that
 Jewish Symbols are frequent in Christian Churches 
.because Jesus was a Jew

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hexagram in a painting by Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov  

Savaoph, God the Father,
by Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov:
Thanks to SaReGaMa for referring me to this image

Friday, August 19, 2011

Paul Klee Star of David

White Star of David in Paul Klee's Moonrise and Sunset 1919 
Courtesy of  "oddsock"  from Flickr 

Red Star of David in Paul Klee's Stars Above An Evil House -1916
Courtesy of  "kamikazecactus"  from Flickr

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Six pointed star on a gift-coupon by 
Familistere -   a chain of groceries
Thanks to
for referring me to this artifact

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Neo-Gothic Hexagram in Leipzig

Neo-Gothic Hexagram in the tower of Peace Church in Leipzig 
Thanks to SaReGaMa for referring me to this image in Wikipedia

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jesus in a hexagram

Jesus in a hexagram
Saint Nikola church in Krusevo, Macedonia
CC Picture from
Thanks to SaReGaMa who referred me to this image

Yellow Badge - Self Observation

New video clip by Zeev Barkan showing an art work by Sabina Saad

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Ascii Art Star of David

Ascii Art Star of David

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Star of David Story- by Shachar Kadmon

At the Bar Mitzvah Party of the class we were asked to make a personal piece on one of the most important figures in the history of Israel, which has an impact on our lives today.
In my head I saw all kinds of people, but suddenly I remembered the military parade in Jerusalem with the Magen David planes made in heaven.
At first the teacher said, No way, we introduce characters, not shapes or symbols. I said my character is the star of David, and after he saw that I insisted, he agreed.
My grandfather made me a wooden star in his carpentry, and tied it to my body in such a way that I could also walk. We painted it together in blue and white. I put on blue pants and white shirt, and a hat covered with small Stars of David which Yaeli helped me paste.
When they wanted to put make up on my face before the party I said Magen David does not wear makeup.
A lot of adults came and asked me what is my character, as if they did not see it, and then said "How wonderful, what an original idea." At first I answered everybody, but at the end I lost my patience, so I said "David," they said, "How wonderful, what an original idea." 

Then we introduced the characters on stage and everyone had to say something about his character. Before me there were several children who spoke about the character they chose, but I could not listen because I was so  excited.
Then came my turn.
Edna, the movement teacher, prepared the dance with me. We marked in advance the six points with stickers. People were waiting for another child that would talk, but I just moved silently, not slow nor fast, and Edna beat on a rhythmic tambourine. I drew with my movements a Star of David, every time from another point, so that eventually I drew out the six Stars of David that hide in each six pointed star.
At the end I stood quietly and said "I'm a Star of David". I went down off the stage, because what else can the Star of David say, and everyone laughed, and clapped their hands, even though I said it seriously.
All at once all the tension left my body, and the Star of David whispered to me it’s the first time he comes out to make people laugh, and I was glad, because I was just a simple star of David, without makeup and without words.

Translated from Hebrew by Zeev Barkan

Picture courtesy of Stephanie Comport (c) 2011

Chaim Rumkowski - Lodz Ghetto

Yellow Badges on the suit of  Chaim Rumkowski
(1877 - 1944)
German Nazi-nominated head of the Jewish authorities in Lodz Ghetto 
Rumkowski and his wife were on the last transport to Auschwitz
Courtesy of 
Stephanie Comfort 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star of David in front of the Cathedral in Orvieto

Star of David  in front of the Cathedral in Orvieto
 Photo by Georg Eisner (c) 2011 

 Photo by Georg Eisner (c) 2011 

Photo by Georg Eisner (c) 2011 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Embossed Photoshop Star of David

Embossed Photoshop Star of David

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Names of Jerusalem in a Star of David

Names of Jerusalem in a Star of David
Created by using Tagxedo online software

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Personal meaning of the yellow Badge

Personal meaning of the yellow Badge
Work by Dvorit Ben-Shaul
In continuation of the exhibition "Homeless - Self Portrait" 
that presented a work titled 
To Cross the abyss of My Life
Photo: Zeev Barkan

On Holocaust Day everyone should carry on his garment  a yellow star 
and see himself as if he got out of Auschwitz
Just as in Passover
  "one must see himself as if he came out from Egypt"
(Mishnah Pesachim 10:5 and Haggadah) 

Monday, February 28, 2011

Star of David in Israeli Art -Online Booklet

Front Page
Out of hundreds of art works published here or on flickr 
I chose some

Each of which emphasizes a single layer of meaning
of the infinite depth of our National Symbol

Friday, February 25, 2011

I love the Jews in New York.

Heart symbol spreads rays of love from the Star of David to New York 
CC Picture by 
Hrag Vartanian from Flickr

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nevada Desert Google Maps

Hexagram in the middle of Nevada Desert 
Google Maps - Aerial Photography
CC picture by Rob Dupuis from Flickr 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

British Jews Magen David Cancellation

2010 -  Logo of Board of Deputies of British Jews
 with Magen David
 on Cancellation

Scanned by

Monday, February 07, 2011

Star of David in Parma Psater from 1280 C.E

Star of David in Parma Psater from 1280 C.E

Folio 118b - Psalm 83
Thanks to Prof. Georg Eisner for referring me to this artifact

Friday, February 04, 2011

1270 Star of Mary

Star of David at 
Iglesia de Santa María de la Oliva
villaviciosa , Asturias, Spain
CC picture by alb totxo  from Flickr

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Online edition of my book on the history of the Star of David

In 2008 I published in a private edition a book on the history of the Star of David, which was based on this  blog (star of David album). Since then more material was added, so I found it necessary to release an updated online edition

In this format I can correct any mistake and continue to update
In this online edition, like in the printed book, each article appears exactly in its right place according to a chronological sequence of events - in difference from the blog where articles are organized by the date I uploaded them to the WWW

Under each picture there’s my Hebrew text in the comment section. I hope that enthusiast readers will add their language translations in the comment section, or send me the translation to my email address and I'll add it myself

The main novelty of this site is visual, because till now researchers didn’t publish pictures of such quality and such scope, and readers who wanted to see what the researchers relate to had to go to libraries to check each image separately

Here you can see each picture enlarged 

Or see all the album as an automatic slide show

Or see the automatic slideshow with captions

Or see any picture on the entire screen with the option to navigate Next / Previous


2500 BCE Sumerian
1700 BCE Minoan Seals
1200 BCE Karkom Israel
9th century BCE - Meggido Israel
7th century BCE, Sidon, Lebanon, Seal
4-1 century BCE Amulet
Third century C.E. -Ein Yael Roman Mosaic Floor
4th Century - Judeo Christian Synagogue Capernaum, Israel-1
Third Century C.E. - Roman Mosaic Floor, Lod, Israel
8th century- King Offa Coin, England
9th Century - Muslim Coin
10th Century Cairo Genizah
11th Century - Codex Leningrad-3
12th Century Ethiopia Lalibela
13th century- Synagoge Statue Bamberg Hexagram
13th Century - Cosmatesque Style
13th Century - Brewer's Star
1367 - Alcobaca Monastery Portugal
1394 - First Mention of Psalms 67 as Star of David
14th Century Jewish Manuscript
15th Century? -Synagogue, Spain
1531 Celestial Alphabet
c 15th Century Tarot Card
15th century, Kennicott Bible, Spain
c. 16th Century - Muslim Tombstone
16th Century Seder Plate
1538-  on the Walls of the Old City in Jerusalem
1540 - Prague Flag (Red flag on the right)
16th century Foah Family Print Mark
1613 David Ganz tombstone in Prague
16-19 Century - Mughal, Rajasthan, India
1659- Alchemy
18th century Jonathan Eibenschütz's Amulet
18th century Jewish Chuppa Stone from Wurzburg
1782 - Great Seal of the United States
1870 - Mizrach with Lions
19th Century Free Masons Tombstone
1863 Church Facade, Santa Croce, Florence, Italy
1897- Theodor Herzl's newspaper, Die Welt.
1905- Protocols of the Elders of Zion
1914 -  Messiah House, Jerusalem
1921 - Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption
1930 - rastafarians
1939  -Yellow Badge, Holocaust
1948 - Israeli Flag
c 1960 Anti Israel Arab Propaganda.
2001-Jewish Museum Berlin / Holocaust Remembrence
2009 - Long Live Israel Graffiti

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indian Hexagram framing the Om Symbol

Indian Hexagram framing the Om Symbol
Taken by Batel, daughter of Shuka Di Nur
See the video clip on YouTube

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Solomon's seal in Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar

On display in Museum of Islamic Art. Doha, Qatar, February 12, 2010:

Carved wood panel with a geometric pattern

Decorated golden disc with a blue Solomon's seal sign 

Bowl, Syria, 14th century

Twelve Solomon's seal signs surrounding 7 hexagons 

Anti semitic Russiam postcard

Star of David on an old Anti semitic Russiam postcard
Courtesy of Stephanie Comfort 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hexagram snowflakes - video clip on youtube

Alchemy Signs on Hexagrams

Woodcut from 'Cabala chemica' in Volume VI of Theatrum chemicum, Hamburg 1661

Six petals symbol framed by a Hexagram

San Martín Church, Izco, Navarre, Spain
CC Picture by rlasaosa/Flickr 
 See: A spectecular collection of pictures of Six petals symbol
About the meaning of the six petals symbol see

bottom left:
Six petal symbols framed by a Hexagram 
drawings of the Flower of Life by Leonardo da Vinci's 15 century C.E
CC picture from Vikipedia entry Flower of Life

  The name Six petal symbol hints at a vegetative motif
but is actually a geometric motif

 especially when the star of David is
surrounded by a circle

as we see in the photo above -  from Navarre

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The circle the pentagram and the hexagram

Ingrid Hehmeyer wrote in her research titled “Water and Sign Magic in al-Jabin, Yemen” that analysys of manuscripts proves that the pentagram replaced the circle (“seal”) in a thirteenth century and very soon after that it was replaced or used side by side with the hexagram.
“The six-pointed star is shown in a thirteenth century and a fifteenth-century manuscript of [Ali d. 1225] al-Buni’s work [Kitab Shams al-Ma`arif wa-Lata’if al-`Awarif]…

From:  H. A. WinklerSiegel und Charaktere in der Muhammedanischen Zauberei. Berlin and Leipzig, 1930.
J. MoG. DAWKINS wrote in his article The Seal of Solomon that the name Seal of Solomon refers to all the 7 emblems seen above, not only to the six pointed star that appears first from right.  DAWKINS  adds that researchers commonly agree that the meaning of this seal is the ineffable name of God.

Lloyd D. Graham shows in his article The Seven Seals of Revelation and the Seven Classical Planets (2010) That the idea of the seven seals is shared by Islam Christianity and Judaism, and that each seal is correlated to a certain planet and to a certain color.

Ingrid Hehmeyer adds that aside from their protective role  “In the ancient and in the Islamic worlds, five- and/or six pointed stars are found on weights, stamps, coins, and seals, where they attest to the item’s validity and legitimacy”... "In Islamic Yemen, five- and six-pointed stars as geometric shapes are widespread in domestic architecture, on house facades, interior walls, doors, and windows; as part of inscriptions having a religious nature and on such religious architectural works as mosques and minarets, tombs and cenotaphs; as designs on amuletic jewellery; as graffiti on walls and rocks...and on so-called magic-medicinal bowls."

six-pointed star on magic-medicinal bowl
CC picture by Tupinambah/Flickr

Paolo Da Visso 1450

Painter Paolo Da Visso painted the Madona and on her robe printed in gold a few stars of David
Exhibited at Avignon, Musée du Petit Palais

Six pointed stars on a Byzantine Coin

Anastasius I, 491 - 518 C.E.
Bronze follis (coin) minted in Constantinople, 512  C.E. The M marks 40 nummi
Along with a cross above the M

The Fleur de Lys symbol in England

From: The Handbook to English Heraldry by Charles Boutell, 1914, 

The fleur de lys entered France by LOUIS VII. (A.D. 1137-1180) as his royal emblem …his lily shapes were scattered and his emblem is named as “France Ancient”: 

France Ancient

About A.D. 1365, CHARLES V. of France changed the number of the lily shapes  to three; and this emblem is named as “France Modern”: 
France Modern

Angel of France Modern
CC picture by Lawrence OP/Flickr

In 1299 EDWARD I married Margaret of France, and she introduced the Fleur to two of her seals  

 Margaret, Queen of Edward I 

Margaret, Queen of Edward I -  Royal Tudor arms
Cambridge Chapel, England
CC picture by Lawrence OP/Flickr

             Margaret, Queen of Edward I

In 1340, EDWARD III. claimed the crown of france, and added the France Ancient to his lions of england.

Perhaps in 1405, HENRY IV added the France Modern to his shield.

The position of the three fleurs de lys was more than once changed in the Royal Shield of England, and they were finally removed in 1801 because after the French Revolution, the Kingdom of France had ceased to exist.

More about the Fleur de Lys and its connection to the Star of David on