Sunday, September 14, 2008

The National Diamond

Magen David appears as The National Diamond on a work by Artist Chava Gadish who lives in Hadera, Israel.

She wrote to me:

The Columbia Space Shuttle disaster, in which the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, lost his life, affected me drastically, the same way it affected many of us, as Israelis and human beings. For me, his tragic death had a major effect on my artistic work. I continued painting landscapes, but those were different ones – landscapes of different worlds - genesis views, even somewhat surrealistic ones. I left the solid ground of reality, and shifted to a different reality – a virtual one. Quite fast I started painting the “Flight In Space” painting. In this painting a change occurred in my style, and through it I reached a style very different than any before. In recent years, my paintings have elements of floating constructions in a limits-breaking space. My paintings deal with space, natural cyclicality and the endlessness of the universe. To stress the infinity, I use the elements of perspective. The painting technique is oil paints on canvas and plywood

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