Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kibbutz Ein Harod, Wagon

Hayim Shtayer took this Photo of an old wagon with white six-pointed Stars at the entrance to Kibbutz Ein Harod. I asked Anat from Beit Shturman what are these stars doing there, and she checked it out:

The wagon had been used for cultivation of fields in Kibbutz Ein Harod and it was painted about 15 years ago by a volunteer from Australia named Richard, who married a girl who was born in that Kibbutz, and now they both live in Australia. May be Richard tried to paint the Australian flag stars which are five pointed, but eventually the stars came out six-pointed like the Israeli Star of David.

Zoom in by clicking the ALL SIZES icon above the picture in Flickr.

Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2008