Saturday, April 26, 2008

Palestinian Yellow Stars of David

An image that shows the letters of the word 'Palestinian' in English and in Hebrew on Holocaust Jewish yellow stars of David instead of the word JUDE in the original badge is attached to an article By Shraga Elam from 17 March 2002 about more than 200 people who have demonstrated against the “escalating genocide committed by the Israeli armed forces”.

On the main protest vehicle were 20 large yellow stars of David carried by the demonstrators. On some of the placards was written the slogan "Stop the bloodbath in the Middle East!", while others carried the slogan "Never again Shoa”.

Alan Oirich’s Jewish Hero Corps

Jewishsf dot com tells us about a group of Jewish comic-book characters including Dreidel Maidel, Yarmulkah Youth, Minyan Man, Shabbas Queen, Hypergirl, Magen David and Menorah Man.

Launch of Art Exhibit -1

israeli art opening evening of the Star of David exhibit

Photo of participants in the opening evening of the Star of David Album art exhibit

(in the Journalists' House in Tel Aviv, Israel 17 April 2008) is courtesy of Shimon Hameiri.

Copyright: Shimon Hameiri 2008