Thursday, May 10, 2007

Isaac Celnikier

Yellow Badge appears on the Self Portrait of painter Isaac Celnikier (b. 1923, Warsaw). Isaac Celnikier is a survivor from Auschwitz. In March 2005 Krakow's national museum exhibited his works under the title Time of Tears… the Time of Hatred… the Time of War…

Eric Vanounou, Post-Jew-Complex

Eric Vanounou, Post-Jew-Complex Yellow Badge art israeliA work from the series Post-Jew-Complex. While the Yellow Badge is a yellow Star of David, two interlaced triangles, we see here a variation: two interlaced yellow squares. I thought it might help to the understanding of this work if we’ll read an excerpt from a poem written by Eric Vanounou (my translation)

You shouldn’t paint what you see
What you see is a lie
I keep reminding myself
Drive away nature!
Drive away nature!
I pile up layers on layers
Brighten distance blacken closeness
Color from the tube, glue, and shellac
Fasten my grip on the new horizons
That were un-recognizably blurred
Yellow ocher mixed in a desert-space
Photo is courtesy of Eric Vanounou
Copyrights: Eric Vanounou


Hatikvah jewish starPhoto is courtesy of Anat Aderet, who wrote to me that this paper cut with a Magen David is titled Hatikvah and it is composed of the words of our national hymn with adornments in the shape of hearts, flowers and Star of David, in the hope that our vision to become a free nation in our land will come true.
IMHO the Jewish people’s most prominent characteristic is the hope for Redemption which is symbolized by the Star of David, the Star of Redemption as Franz Rosenzweig called it.
Most people don't know that Hatikvah, (The Hope) was much longer in the original poem than it is now. 
Copyrights: Anat Aderet