Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Windmill-hexagramPainter Dick Ben Dor brought me this porcelain Star of David pendant from Holland with windmills painted on it.
It seems that there's no connection to Judaism in this case.


Star of David necklaceStar of David necklace.
Photo was taken by Israeli designer Hayim Shtayer
Copyright: Hayim Shtayer 2007

Irena Golin - American Influence

American Influence jewish starThis is one of 15 suggestions to change Israel’s emblem that were designed in 2001 by first and second year students in Wizo Design Academy in Haifa guided by Hayim Shtayer and Terry Schreuer; courtesy of Hayim Shtayer.
Designer: Irena Golin
Copyrights: Irena Golin 2007
American culture is so dominant in Israel that the Israeli culture is finding it hard to breath...