Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daniela Klauzner, Marriage in Black

Israeli ART, Yellow Badge

Photo is courtesy of Israeli artist Daniela Klauzner.

Copyright: Daniela Klauzner 2008

Currently this work is taking part in the Yellow Holocaust Star Exhibit at Yigal Alon House, Safed, which started on 30-4-2008. Curator: Reli Wasser.

Technique: Two linoleum prints, one on yellow paper the other on gauze, glued one above the other.

Title: Marriage in Black

Artist’s Caption: My parents’ wedding on 14.5.1944, in the midst of WWII, in a synagogue in Budapest, Hungary. There was a rumor that young academic Jews will not be taken to forced labor camps if they marry, and since my father just finished his PhD in chemistry and since he and my mother were together for five years they decided to get married quickly.

Daniela Klauzner was a biologist until she started 11 years a go to create art. She lives in Natania.

Austrian delegate visited our exhibit in Safed

Yellow Star exhibit in SafedOn 9 May 2008 five young Austrian politicians visited the Yellow Star exhibit in Safed. They met with a Holocaust surviver and with curator Reli Wasser.
See Photos from this visit (copyright: Ashley Wasser)

Head Tattoo

British singer Boy George got a huge Head Tattoo after he started to study the Kabbalah. He also has a cross on his right shoulder, and a lotus flower on the back of his head.

The problem of Jews with Tattoos

On a web page titled Jews with Tattoos there are a few Stars of David.

Rabbi George (Gershom) Barnard of Northern Hills Synagogue wrote that:

In recent years, both the Reform and Conservative movements have had to address the issue, and both of them forbid tattooing. 

An interesting point is raised on:

Kaufman explains… that "a majority of young Jews have tattoos, ear-rings, nose-rings--this is a fact of life today. Ask any parent. So it hit me suddenly, of what use is this halachic law if it's going to exclude an entire generation from Jewish ceremony and tradition?"