Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Star of David on a Gallows

From the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism and racism at Tel Aviv University, Ukraine 2006 Report we learn that In early June 2006  a six-pointed star on gallows with the caption“Juden Kaput! Don’t Stop Hooligans” appeared at the underground passage in Kiev. Go to the original report and read the whole list of Anti-Semitic events that took place in that year in Ukraine.

Yair Davidiy Answers Anti-Semitic Propaganda

InBrit-Am Now-820 Yair Davidiy answered the Anti-Semitic claims (of Graham, Blavatsky, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, the Rosicrucians and others) that the Star of David is the sign of Saturn, the mark of Cain, the star of Remphan etc., and that those who use it are committing blasphemy.

It is important to clarify these allegations since anti-Semites flood the WWW with repetitions on them.

Yair: There is no proof of this. Even if it were true (and I think it is not) it would not prove anything. I am afraid to say that The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia may not always be such a good source and "the Rosicrucians" are even worse…


The same applies to all similar articles and Conspiracy Theories.

These sources are unclean. They are liable to inculcate into you pagan values.

They tell you that a certain symbol or group etc has an evil mystical agenda and then describe that "agenda" to you taking you round in circles. By the time you are finished you will have unknowingly absorbed elements of a sinister doctrine against the Bible, against the Jews, and against the Children of Israel. You are liable to be on the verge of accepting heathen doctrine.

Eliphas Levi’s Duad

Eliphas Levi’s Duad Hexagram From: Eliphas Levi, Transcendental Magic, A.E.Waite, Chicago, 1910:
BOAZ and JAKIN are the names of the two symbolical Pillars before the principal entrance of Solomon's Kabalistic Temple. In the Kabalah these Pillars explain all mysteries of antagonism, whether natural, political or religious… The active principle seeks the passive principle, the plenum desires the void, the serpent's jaw attracts the serpent's tail… The monad can manifest only by the duad; unity itself and the notion of unity at once constitute two. The unity of the Macrocosm reveals itself by the two opposite points of two triangles… To make light visible God had only to postulate shadow. To manifest the truth He permitted the possibility of doubt. The shadow bodies forth the light, and the possibility of error is essential for the temporal manifestation of truth.

Bronze Age

Professor Michael Costa wrote in his book (the gold section, Solomon’s seal and star of David, Poalim,1990 [in Hebrew] p. 229) that the hexagram appeared

as an ornament on different vessels in France in the Bronze Age, between 6000 and 1000 B.C.E. Source: Dawkins W.B. 1880

It is not clear from his phrasing if there was any hexagram which is dated to 6000, but if that’s the case we are talking here about the first hexagram. This is of the highest importance point so readers who know more about this hexagram are invited to comment.