Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Name of the Rose is Vered

magen david artPhoto is courtesy of Vered Shomron Fabian who wrote on her website that her name “Vered” means “Rose” in Hebrew, and the rose is  an inter-cultural symbol of love. In this painting she tried to breathe love into her Star of David, which is tattooed in her soul
Copyright: Vered Shomron 2007

A Tattoo in My Soul

Tattoo Magen David
Photo is courtesy of Vered Shomron Fabian who wrote on her website that symbols affect our identities. The Star of David is like a Tattoo in her soul. Vered Shomron Fabian created a  series of drawings  of the Magen David  between 2001 and 2005 and titled it : Tattoo.
Copyright: Vered Shomron 2007

Self Portrait

Yellow Badge art Photo is courtesy of Judith Weinshall Liberman who sent me the following caption:

SELF PORTRAIT OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST #10 is part of Judith Weinshall Liberman's SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST series. This work is 10" by 8" (25 cm by 20 cm) and was created in 1997. It is in the permanent collection of the Ghetto Fighters House Museum in Israel. Another version of this work is in the permanent collection of the William Benton Museum of Art at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut, U.S.A. The SELF PORTRAITS OF A HOLOCAUST ARTIST series consists of over 150 small mixed-media works in which the artist places herself in Holocaust settings in an effort to explore her emotional relationship to the subject of the Shoah and to express her empathy with its victims.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Judith Weinshall Liberman came to the United States after completing high school. She earned four American university degrees in social studies and law, including a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School and an LL.M. from the University of Michigan Law School. She studied art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and at the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. She completed all course work for the M.F.A. degree at Boston University School for the Arts and is certified as an art teacher. Ms. Liberman is an award winning author and illustrator. Her art has been extensively exhibited in museums and other public institutions in the United States and in Israel. Her work is represented in numerous public collections, including the collections of the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, the Haifa Museum of Modern Art in Haifa and the Ghetto Fighters Museum at Kibbutz Lochemai Hagetaot, Israel. Some of the American museums that own her artworks are the DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, the Jackson Homestead Museum, Newton, the Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, in Massachusetts; the Temple Museum of Religious Art, Cleveland, Ohio; the William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut and the Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida. Her archives can be found at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art in Washington DC as well as at the Fine Arts Department of the Boston Public Library in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

IMHO this work is a brilliant way to say: I (=my portrait) identify with the victims of the Holocaust (=Yellow Badge and the word Jew).
All rights reserved to Judith Weinshall Liberman 2007