Monday, August 11, 2008

Drora Weizman, Herzl 25 grams

Star of David on a golden medallion paper appears on an artwork by Israeli artist Drora Weizman (b. 1956) titled Herzl 25 gram.

The work was created in 2000.

Size: 17X23 cm.

Technique: collage, golden papers, military decoration, velvet frame.

Drora Weizman says in the caption that she’s willing to give Herzl decorations and medals, stars and suns, chocolates and krembo (marshmallow treat), if only he’ll keep his side of the Contract. In Hebrew the word Contract has a double meaning, and is used also to denote a prophet (seer). Herzl’s nickname in Hebrew is “the seer of the Jewish State.

My interpretation: Herzl is a lightweight prophet (25 grams) since the “State of the Jews” which he envisioned has a large Arab minority, and since most of the Jews live in other countries.

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Copyright: Drora Weizman 2008