Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hexagram & Ouroboros

Hexagram & Ouroboros Tattoo
Cc Picture by m0n3d4 (c) from Flickr

Hexagram Ouroboros Alchemy

Cc Picture by vaxzine(c) from Flickr 

Hexagram Ouroboros Alchemy
With Signs of the planets
which represent Alchemical compounds  
Dr. Amir Zohar

Blagaj - 16th century Dervish monastery in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hamam Ceiling Stars
some hexagrams
imitating the natural stars  in the skies
I saw this motive in other Hamam pictures
CC picture by korom (c)  from  Fickr who shot it at
 16th century Dervish monastery on the Buna River, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Six pointed star with moon

Blagaj Monastery  
CC picture by KOKONIS (c)  from  Fickr

Info needed about a JMPRESA VIVERI Token

Photo by Luca 

Patrizia Di Monte from Italy  searches information about an old token with a six pointed star.

The face reports "JMPRESA VIVERI" surrounding the star of David, with a 5 pointed star on 6 o' clock, and on the other side a number "20".

This may be a token for food distribution from/to Hebrew community during second world war, in concentration camps. The strange thing is that in italian "IMPRESA VIVERI" is for "food business" but they use the "I" and not the "J" as first letter. There are some other token with "J" in place of "I" as the first capital letter, and they are mint in Germany.