Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The State of Affairs

Photo is courtesy of artist Aviva Beigel.
Copyrights: Aviva Beigel 2007 
Aviva Beigel made a 95X109 cm Mosaic, Sand on Wood, titled Present Situation. In Hebrew the title can be translated literally as The State [of affairs] since it shows a large Star of David as a symbol of the state of Israel, and expresses what she feels towards the current state of affairs in it.


Today, 30.05.2007 I got the following explanation from Aviva Beigel:
X109 cm, Hand Painted Mosaic on wood.95
Two Hebrew words appear in the work:
"LAARETZ"-which mean –to the Land, and
"YEHUDI"- which mean Jewish.
Those two words give the complete meaning of Israel: the Jewish Land..
The present situation that I chose to show in this artwork, reflects the political situation in my homeland.
The War/Terror situation between Israel and the Palestinians creates a bloody land, not a land of "Milk and Honey".
The Israeli public is divided into 2 major groups: the group that support the continuation of the occupation, and the other that wants the occupation to be over..
Between the 2 groups there is a river of blood that tare us apart, even though
We all hurt.
Every pattern in the work is made from Ceramic, which I made myself and combines to a mosaic work of art.
You can see Jewish symbols as the "Menorah: and "Magen David"-
In red, blue, and yellow -to remind us our past: the Holocaust.
I included the airplanes and ships to symbolize our strength.
I spread some little stones as a reminder to the Jewish custom to put stones on the grave…