Monday, December 17, 2007

Netanya Stamp

Netanya Stamp magen david
Maksim and Gabriel Shamir designed Natania Stamp in 1969. It shows Havazelet-Hasharon flower, which is probably another name to the rose of the valley, along with the Star of David . The rose and the Star of David appear together in many 1st century C.E. mosaics. So, from this special aspect, it looks like a continuation of a custom that was popular in the pre – exile era. In other words the message here for me is: we’re back!

Crescent Crown Star of David exhibition in Berne

In an exhibition on "the history of philately in Israel. Three symbols, three stages" That was held between 5 December 1997 and 1 February 1998 there were stamps depicting The crown, as an emblem of the British mandate, the Star of David, as the Jewish
emblem, and The crescent, symbolizing Ottoman rule up to 1918.

Stamp of disapproval

iraq-stamp-magen-davidCharlotte Halle wrote in Haartz on April 12, 2007 about stamp collector Lawrence Fisher from Ra'anana, Israel who collects stamps across the Arab world some carrying anti-Israel messages  like an Iraqi stamp issued in 1983 commemorating the "Aftermath of the Zionist Racist Aggression on Sabra and Shattela," depicting blood dripping from the Star of David and a fist with blood coming out of the ground… 

One Beer Free

One Beer Free Hexagram
Gideon from Israeli “collect” forum referred me to this hexagram on an Uruguayan brass token. caption:
five points star - vale un chopp gratis (one beer free)
David star - cerveceria montevideana /
The connection between the hexagram and the alcohol industry starts B.C.E. ie. Gibeon, Israel where it was found in wine jar handles...