Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yevu Yashir Sukkah Lampshades at Jerusalem Fair

3D Star of David folded Sukkah Lampshades Yevu Yashir 3D Star of David folded Sukkah Lampshades at Jerusalem Chutzot Hayotzer Art Fair.

Yakov Agam Yizkor Sculpture at the Wailing Wall

Yakov Agam Magen DavidMy good old friend Yehuda heard about my interest in Stars of David and recommended I'll take a look at Yakov Agam Yizkor sculpture at the Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem.
The sculpture is made from six big white Stars of David lit by gas. The six stars represent the six million holocaust Jewish victims. Between the stars there are the Hebrew letters of Yizkor, the Memorial prayer recited in memory of parents, children, wives or husbands, and martyrs.
When I arrived there at night I couldn't see it so I asked Yehuda on the mobile phone to direct me more accurately and then I saw it but its lighting was off.
A few days later I came back at day light and took a picture of it. I asked the owners of the roof where the sculpture is situated why is the lighting off and they answered it is because of safety problems with the gas.
I wander what Yaakov Agam thinks about this strike…
BTW Yaakov Agam has a special interest in Stars of David and many of his works deal with this symbol. I'd like to publish here more of his brilliant works but they are copyrighted…


Evasive Magen DavidWhat you see here is a hexagon inside a Star of David inside a hexagon in a pavement just at Zion Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel.
An Arab door keeper at Dormition Church referred me to this pavement but even when I stood on it I didn't understand that it was a Star of David - I guess it happens to most people who step on it every day. It is easier to grasp it from the air, or from a distant spot, but maybe it is hard to notice it because it is evasive…