Friday, March 16, 2007

Morocco 25 centimes Coin

Solomon’s sealSolomon’s seal on a 25 centimes Morocco coin which was issued in 1921. Photo is courtesy of Approche numismatique.

Pentagram Within Hexagram

Pentagram Within HexagramThere were times when both pentagram and hexagram were named Star of David, or Solomon's seal, but to add confusion here is a strange phenomenon where the one is surrounded by the other. The coin is from Morocco its value is 100 francs and it was issued on 1953.
Picture is courtesy of Approche Numismatique.

Mamluk Mosque, Delhi

Picture of Solomon’s seal in the 1190 Great Mosque of Delhi (Mamluk) is courtesy of "philputnam" who published it on Flickr. Delhi is full of Islamic monuments bearing Solomon’s seals.