Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dome of the Rock-3

Solomon’s seal Dome of the Rock-3

Here the Solomon Seals appear above the arch of the Dome of the Rock. Actually there are more six-pointed stars on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem: a large one is to be found on a wooden ornament that had been inside the Dome of the Rock, but was transferred to Rockefeller Museum. Another large one is embedded in the marble floor of the Dome of the Chain, immediately to the east of the Dome of the Rock.

Copyright: ©David Kolker 2008

Dome of the Rock-2

Dome of the Rock-2 Solomon’s sealThe Dome of the Rock is the first Muslim monument. It was built by Abd al-Malik in the 7th century. The six-pointed stars appear on the exterior of the Dome, between the arches. Since they look exactly like the Jewish Stars of David, and since the Palestinians chose the Dome of the Rock as their national symbol, many tourists get confused and ask why does the Jewish national emblem appear on the Muslim national symbol, but actually we are dealing here with the Muslim hexagram, called Solomon Seal.

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Dome of the Rock-1

Dome of the Rock Solomon’s sealThe six-pointed stars appear in the most important sites of the monotheistic religions, like the Holy Arks in Jewish Synagogues, facades and stained glasses of Christian Cathedrals (even in a mosaic floor of the Vatican library). Here they appear on the exterior of the Muslim Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem, running above all, and alongside some, of the arches (on a green background). Photo is courtesy of David Kolker, who took the photo this past summer. Copyright: ©David Kolker 2008