Saturday, December 23, 2006

Peace Art Drawing

Photo is courtesy of dakinewavamon who wrote to me:
I doodle! This one was drawn on July 14, 2006 during the conflict. Another Star of David was drawn for our Charis Corp. "Working with Israel" Class offered this year.
Note: unfortunately, in the current situation, if a Palestinian in Gaza sees a dove with a huge Star of David on its wing and the Hebrew letters for IDF above it - he pulls out his gun and shoots the dove...

The Blue Box

Picture of Blue Box Jewish star is courtesy of "savtadotty" who published it on Flickr with the caption
Height: 4.5 inches
The first Blue Box  was suggested on December 29, 1901 at the 5th Zionist Congress in Basle by Haim Kleinman, a bank clerk from Nadvorna, Galicia.

Fire Pit inside Yantra for Anahata Chakra

Indian HexagramPicture of Indian yantra hexagram is courtesy of Nadarupa who wrote to me:
The photo on our Flickr site is actually a yantra (symbol) for Anahata Chakra (Energy Centre of the Heart), which is composed of interlocking blue and red triangles, representing the union of male / female energies in the heartspace (centre of compassion / unconditional love). This is a very ancient yogic / Hindu symbol and, like the swastika, has been used by others since. A "kund" is a firepit, used for ceremonial purposes. The photo on our site is of the anahata yantra drawn around a kund for a celebration at the end of a 5-day yoga festival held in France in July 2006.