Thursday, May 03, 2007

Torah Ark

Magen David on the upper part of a Torah Ark from Frankfurt/Oder, Germany, dated 1811/12, made from wood, carved and painted.
It is very common to see Magen Davids on Torah Arks all around the world.
Photo is courtesy of "*Checco*' who published it on Flickr.


Photo of Magen David with Torah box inside is courtesy of Andrea Mercado who published it on Flickr.
It is an inspiring concept which challenges to ask what other things can be made this way?
My answer is: ice cubes; Yellow cheese...
What's yours?


Photo of this gorgeous six-pointed star kite is courtesy of "S3b" who published it on Flickr. I intend to publish in a few months a Power Point Presentation of interesting usages of the six-pointed star, and this photo will surely be included in it.