Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Macedonian Postage Stamp For The New Millennium

Star of David new millennium Macedonia

In 2000 Macedonia issued a postage stamp with the symbols of the main religions including the Star of David to celebrate the new millennium. I like to meet the Star of David in different countries, especially if it’s the first time I see it there.

Zionistic Postage Stamp from Uruguay

Star of David and the portrait of Herzl UruguayIn 1997 Uruguay issued a stamp to commemorate 100 years to the first Zionist world congress. The stamp carries the Star of David and the portrait of Herzl. I can’t understand why was it so important for them, but I’ll be happy to know the story behind this weird decision...

The Jewish Heritage in Portugal Postage Stamp

Star of David from the Bible of Cervera

One of the Portuguese stamps of the series "the Jewish heritage in Portugal", issued on May 20, 2004, shows the Star of David from the Bible of Cervera, which is kept in the national Library of Lisbon. This Bible was written in 1300 and was decorated by Joseph ha-Tsarfati, a French Jew from Castille.