Monday, August 25, 2008

Marc Ash

Star of David, yellow badge and Nazi concentration camp identifying triangles surround a square with the word Dieu (God). The square is a piece of Nazi concentration camp prisoners’ uniform.

Tous Ensemble (All Together) has a barbed wire circlet centered on a patch of striped fabric, like prison uniforms, stenciled with "Dieu ?"("God ?"). Surrounding them are more patches shaped in single triangles or pairs forming Stars of David in colors the Nazis used to identify which category (Jew, homosexual, gypsy, for example) qualified a person for a concentration camp or for extermination. The stenciled numbers 1 through 6 are scattered around, a recurring motif that I take to refer to the six death camps and the estimated 6-million Jews killed.


Palestine Magen David

Star of David drawn on an envelope from 29.1.1937 is courtesy of Dobush from Kfar Aza. This envelope was sent from Palestine, Texas, to Mr. Horowitz. The sender added to the American stamps also two British mandate stamps. Dobush added that Palestine, Texas became known after 1.2.2003 following the crash of space shuttle Columbia, in which was Ilan Ramon. The debris of the space shuttle fell near this city.