Friday, September 22, 2006

Home Blessing

I think Star of David OR Chamsa could do the job of blessing homes but here we have Star of David AND Chamsa in order to cover all bases. Got it from my mum for my birthday.

On My Neighbour's Gate

I live here for many years and never noticed that there is a Star of David on my neighbour's gate. Now that I started collecting these symbols it gets harder for them to hide...

37s collector

Picture of 37 magen David tiles is courtesy of mag3737 who wrote to me:
I collect 37s. it so happens that the Star of David pattern is one very simple arrangement of 37 objects in a hexagonal grid pattern. These tiles, btw, are on the floor of a building located in the gastown area of Vancouver, BC. It was a repeating pattern.
On my way to collect as much as I can about the Star of David I encountered many illustrations that use the numerology behind this shape to make a point. You must admit that the excuse of mag3737 to publish this photo is original.
The excuse of mag3737 doesn't mean that the designer of this floor didn't have a numerological reason for making it...