Monday, October 27, 2008

Moroccan local stamp from 1895

Philatelist Dr Claude Wainstain from France sent me this 1895 Magen David on a postal stamp (and other stamps from the same period) and wrote the following:

The Moroccan local stamp that is shown o your blog (April 6 2008, "rare stamp from Tetouan') was on use by one of the 20 local postage services, of which 19 where created by Jews. This one was created in March 1896 by Josue Benchimol, from Tetuan to

Chaouen (70 km). There are two major symbols on this stamp, the six-points star and the moon crescent with a star, and it's difficult not to imagine that they symbolize both religions.

Another local post was created in 1895 by Aaron Cohen from Tanger to

Arcila (50 km), with a Magen David.