Monday, August 27, 2007

Rila Monastery

Photo of Hexagram mural from 10th century Rilah Monestary, Sofia, Bulgaria is courtesy of "jacjak" who published it on Flickr.

Villa Romana, Sicily

Photo of Roman Star of David mosaic from Villa Romana, Sicily, is courtesy of "pginot" who published it on Flickr. I already published a closer look of the same mosaic, but I found it right to publish a broader view because of its historical importance.


Star of David Mandala Israeli art Photo of Star of David Mandala is courtesy of Israeli painter Ofira Oriel
who lives in Modi’in.
Size: 120 x 150
Acrylic on canvas
Ofira didn’t want to send me this painting before it is exhibited in a gallery, but eventually she decided to make a new one for the gallery and I got it. Good decision, if I may say, and the painting has also a new quality compared to her

previously published mandala paintings.

Copyright: Ofira Oriel 2007