Sunday, June 11, 2006

Israeli Stamps

zion stamp magen David

stamp magen David

Israeli Stamps pictures with the star of David are courtesy of Dan Mahler from Hofesh Organization
Before the establishment of the state of Israel there were a few stamps that were issued by the Jewish National Fund in order to raise money. The first stamp was issued in 1902 and showed the Star of David surrounding the name Zion.
After the establishment of the state of Israel there were many stamps which showed the Star of David:
The above two Festival-of-Israel Stamps were designed by Arthur Szyk in 1950 and are showing the festival symbols of Sukkoth under the Star of David.
Ad Vanooijen, a Dutch artist, contributed a few designs over the past decade:
In 1980- "Magen David Adom Jubilee" series:
· "Blood Service"
· ''Mobile Intensive Care Unit''
In 2003 - The Flag series:
· Prague,15th Century
· Ness Ziona, 1891
· "Der Judenstaat" Herzl, 1896
· The State of Israel, 1948
In 1955 G. Hamori designed ''Twenty five years Magen David Adom''.
In 1968 Eliezer Weisshoff designed "Scouting ".
In 1972 M. Pereg designed ''Let my people go''.