Thursday, June 18, 2009

Door Knocker

Fatima Hand Chamsa with Six-pointed Stars
Shot at
Kefalonia Island, Greece
Picture is courtesy of "Tony Tea" from Flickr
I Think that this combination of Chamsa and Six-pointed Stars
is meant to act double efficiently against Evil Eye
The design of this door knocker has a commercial potential

Tattoo Showing Fatima Hand with David-Shield

Picture is courtesy of Shannon Archuleta from Fickr

Star of David as a Frame in a Tefillin Cover

The left Star of David frames the Hebrew word for head (meaning the tefillin for the head) while the right Star of David frames the Hebrew word for hand (meaning the tefillin for the hand).
Picture is courtesy of Sharon Pazner From Flickr.

Star of David as a Frame

I just uploaded to YouTube a video (in Hebrew) about the Star of David as a FRAME and here's one image that was not included there, showing inside the hexagon one of names of God in Hebrew.
Picture is courtesy of "colros' from Flickr and he shot it at the Synagogue on Durocher, Montreal, Canada.