Friday, April 04, 2008

Contents of my English book about the Star of David

Contents of my English book about the Star of David


Current Meaning of the Magen David 6

The legend about the origin of the emblem 7

The Jewish emblem versus the international emblem 8

Whose emblem is it ? 9

Non-Jewish usage of the six-pointed star 10

Chapter 1 - Before Christian Era

Sumerian Culture 11

Minoan Culture 12

Megiddo 12

Treasure of Nimrud, Iraq 13

Gibeon: Greco-Roman Period 13

Chapter 2 - The first Millenium CE

The Star of Jerusalem; Roman Era 14

Bacchus temple at Baalbek, Lebanon 15

Capernaum; Ein Yael 16

Sufa; Khirbet Carmel; Eastern Orthodox 17

Roglit; Vermand 18

Synagogue of Shura; Mildenhall Treasure 19

Village of El-Makr; Jericho, Israel 20

The Dome of the Rock 21

Damascus; Dome of the Chain 22

Offa King of Mercia 23

Chapter 3 - The second Millenium CE

The Leningrad Codex 24

Cairo Genizah; Cambridge University 25

Raziel’s Book; Armenian Church 26

Rachel’s Grave in Tiberias; Lalibela 27

Ayyubid Coins; Crusaders’ Coins 28

Mamilla-Mamluk Cemetery 29

Prague 30

Sabbioneta 31

David Ganz 32

Aristotle 33

Bury St Edmunds 34

Catholic University of Leuven 35

The Spanish Inquisition periods 36

Before the Expulsion; Kennicott Bible 37

Qait Bey Citadel; Bakhchysaray, Crimea 38

Tarot 39

Moghul Architecture 40

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent 41

Barbarossa's flag 42

Free Masons 43

Mogador; Jewish Wedding Stones 44

Prince Albert memorial 45

Santa Croce Church in Florence 46

Chapter 4 - The Contemporary Period

Theodor Herzl's newspaper, Die-Welt 47

Zionist Flag In Tel Aviv; Zion Mule Corps 48

Flowers from Jerusalem; Lamel School 49

Messiah’s house 50

Bob Marley Graffiti 51

Yellow Badges 52

Jewish Brigade 53

Mormons 54

Anti- Israeli Propaganda 55

In every generation men rise up to destroy us 56

Copyrights and Footnotes 57-64

Islamic Judenstern


Iranian-born (1963) artist and architect Shahram Entekhabi wears on his white shirt a green Islamic star that reminds us to the "Judenstern" yellow badge - raising the question whether fundumentalist Muslims are a potential danger to public safety or the victims of prejudice.

Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols

Yair Davidiy from Brit-am referred me to an important photo of a Parthian altar with Israelite Symbols” from 300 BC - 300 AD.
I'm going to show this Parthian altar to my mentor, Dr. Ze'ev Goldmann (who
celebrated this week his 103 birthday); he is an expert on the archaeology
of the Star of David, and I'm sure it will make his day.

Serge Gainsbourg

Wikipedia article author (entry: Serge Gainsbourg) connects the humiliation of wearing the Yellow Badge with “its” artistic expression.  In 1975, French musician Gainsbourg  released the album Rock Around the Bunker,  on the subject of the Nazis. 

The Poisonous Mushroom Book Cover

Poisonous Mushroom star of david Anti-semitism

Photo is courtesy of professor Randall Bytwerk who uploaded to the WWW many Nazi Propaganda original materials, and I salute him for this blessed enterprise..

Star of David appears on one of the worst anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda books titled: The Poisonous Mushroom issued by Julius Streicher's publishing house.