Thursday, March 23, 2006

Star of David Plate

Clay Star of David plate, which was made by my friend Tamar while she was studying ceramics.

Folded Stars of David

The gold 3D  folded paper star of David lanterns are "closed" when one gets them and need to be "opened" "pocket" by "pocket".

3D Silver Star of David Near My Window

silver david star lantern
You cannot see here how it moves elegantly in the breeze, changing colors and shades, reflecting the objects around it.

Silver Star of David During Assembly

This silver star of David lantern is folded and one has to open it "pocket" by "pocket".

Colorful Star-of-David Lampshade

This red 3D folded paper Magen David was made by my son from the paper of the Indian-5-pointed-stars he imported. The paper is printed and the shapes are cut inside it.

White Lily

White Lily magen david
Today I spoke on the phone with Uri Ofir, The author of a book called Hadegel, ("the flag") which sums up Uri's long research about the origins of the Star of David.
Uri discovered that the Star of David comes from the White Lily, a flower that grows wild in Israel. The Menora in the Temple had a stand for each of the seven candles and the stand was in the shape of "bud and flower". Sages recognized the flower as the (White) Lily.
Today Uri has a permanent exhibition of his findings called "Mikraor".
Uri started his research after lecturing to high school students about the Star of David. One of the students said that the Star of David is relatively new and it could have been replaced by any other emblem and another student said he saw the Star of David in ancient temples in India. As a reaction to these claims Uri felt that he must come up with one unequivocal exhaustive answer.
Uri invited me to visit him in "Mikraor" and I promised to come and show him the thaumatrope and the 3D Star of David.
Picture courtesy of Uri Ofir in which the Star of David is seen clearly

Amethyst Star of David

Victor Barr Designed this 25 mm protective Talisman,
engraved in Hebrew letters are the words for God protects me.

3D Star of David on a Stand

Our 3D Magen David folded paperlantern at Waldorf Astoria 

Waldorf Astoria Photomontage

Waldorf Astoria magen david lantern
Bar Ilan University reception for Hillary Clinton in New York Waldorf Astoria 5 March 2006 in which celebration designer Michael Stern used 3D Stars of David made by Yevu Yashir. I used my Photoshop to add the 3D Stars of David to the entrace.

Preparations for the Reception for Hillary Clinton

Assmbling the 3D Stars of David before the Bar Ilan University reception for Hillary Clinton in New York on 5 March 2006

Israeli Flag Thaumatrop Film

Thaumatrop Film video
See the video clip on director Aran patinkin's website: