Thursday, March 23, 2006

White Lily

White Lily magen david
Today I spoke on the phone with Uri Ofir, The author of a book called Hadegel, ("the flag") which sums up Uri's long research about the origins of the Star of David.
Uri discovered that the Star of David comes from the White Lily, a flower that grows wild in Israel. The Menora in the Temple had a stand for each of the seven candles and the stand was in the shape of "bud and flower". Sages recognized the flower as the (White) Lily.
Today Uri has a permanent exhibition of his findings called "Mikraor".
Uri started his research after lecturing to high school students about the Star of David. One of the students said that the Star of David is relatively new and it could have been replaced by any other emblem and another student said he saw the Star of David in ancient temples in India. As a reaction to these claims Uri felt that he must come up with one unequivocal exhaustive answer.
Uri invited me to visit him in "Mikraor" and I promised to come and show him the thaumatrope and the 3D Star of David.
Picture courtesy of Uri Ofir in which the Star of David is seen clearly

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