Friday, July 07, 2006

Modern Legend

Yaakov Goldberg wrote this on 21 Sep 1992 but I found it only this morning:

The story about king of Denmark who wore the Yellow Badge during WWII is a legend. It never happened. Yaakov Goldberg quoted from an article published by Danish anthropologist Jens Lund who claimed that it was a fictionalization contrived by Leon Uris in his 1958 novel, Exodus.

This story made me disappointed: I always admired those brave righteous people who risked their lives to help Jews escape from the Nazis. Now I'll have to admire one less.   

Photoshop contest

On Photoshop contest Religious Shapes 5 I saw some Star of David pictures, which were full of inspiration, full of imagination, creative, surprising, fun, entertaining, humorous, amusing, artistic, aesthetic…
My recommendation is to run see it with your own eyes and tell your loved ones:
Aquarium in the shape of the Star of David with fish swimming in it ( BTW a year ago I planned building a similar aquarium from glass)
Pupil in an eye
Pyramid for pharaoh
The building of the Jewish center in the film "Hebrew Hammer "
Two embryos connected by their umbilical cord
Jewish egg
Made from a beautiful woman's hair
6 pointed starfish
Jewish menorah
Made from butts in an ashtray
Original chocolates from Morguefile
Car Gear
Star of David on the Wailing Wall
On chess tools
Stop sign
As one of the tools in a jackknife
As a wheel of a bike (I did the same on a wheel of a car 5 years ago)
Pink Floyd - The Kosher Side of the Moon
Aiming device for a hunting gun
Made from floating plants in the water