Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fishes Swimming in a Hexagram

I already published two photos of the mosaics at Casale near Piazza Armerina, Sicily. This one is a close-up on a detail from a bigger mosaic. Picture is courtesy of uromattox who published it on Flickr.

Robert Graves Poem

Robert Graves wrote a Poem titled Solomon's Seal which is actually about the 3D six pointed star which he calles "doubled pyramid":

Under each pyramid lies inverted
Its twin, the sister-bride to Pharaoh,
And so Solomon's seal bears witness.
Therefore we neither plead nor threaten
As lovers do who have lost faith-
Lovers not riven together by an oath
Sworn on the very brink of birth,
Nor by the penetrative ray of need
Piercing our doubled pyramid to its bed.
All time lies knotted here in Time's caress,
And so Solomon's seal bears witness.

The Star of George Washington

9th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, first pattern, 1862-1863
copied from

In Brit-Am-Now Gary Smith quoted some extracts from a URL that is no longer active, under the title: The Star of David Probably WAS favored by George Washington and WAS important in US and Confederate Symbolism.
The twelve six-pointed stars first came to light on flags of the South: the 57th Georgia, 9th Mississippi and 1st Florida. These were Braxton Bragg's Battle Flags of 1862. They showed up again: a 1995 postage stamp…Another star can be found on the Army of the United States, Eighth Corps Battle Flag of 1862.
 1862- Confederate states stamp with 4 Hexagrams
During the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 the Confederate States issued their own stamps.
Printer: First - Thomas De La Rue & Company in London 
Later:  Archer & Daly in Richmond, Virginia
Courtesy of Dobush