Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Blog Report By Category

ART = 40 postings including paintings, poems, architecture
BIBLIOGARPHY = 1 posting
GROUPS- Non-Jewish who use the Star of David = 72 postings
HISTORY = 98 postings
ISRAEL = 20 postings
JEWISH = 82 postings
LOGO = 5 e.g. Customs, Zim
MEANING =123 postings
NAME = 2 postings
ORIGIN = 21 postings e.g. tabernacle menorah, salt, compasses
SHAPE = 58 postings e.g. hex alpha, inside a circle. 3 rhombs
USAGE 145 postings e.g. lampshade, necklace, vase
ZIONISM 21 postings
Total: 682 postings

Finlandian Armorial Banner

In Finland there’s a province called Häme (Tavastia) which has an armorial banner with three six pointed silver stars. Picture is copied from Wikipedia.


This cactus Hexagram  is growing in the Botanic Gardens, St. Andrews, Scotland but SecretAgent99 wrote to me that she's actually not sure what this type of cactus is actually called. 
I believe that importing this cactus to Israel might be a prosperous enterprise, because many people would welcome it in their gardens, just to show their neighbors how patriotic they are...
Picture is courtesy of "SecretAgent99" who published it on Flickr