Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lantern and Star

Photo is courtesy of Ben Piven who shot it a few weeks ago in Kerala. The lantern looks like three dimensional Star of David at first sight, but actually it is eight pointed.
Copyright: Ben Piven  2008.

JNF's 50th Anniversary

JNF's 50th Anniversary Star of David Zionism

Stamp with Star of David in the center issued for JNF's 50th anniversary is courtesy of Hayim Shtayer and is part of his collection. The design fits Herzl’s suggestion for the Zionist Congress.

My book in Google

My Star of David book in GoogleI was very surprised to find out this morning that my book is the first result in Google for the keywords:

books about the Star of David

out of 5,390,000 other results. Since the question was in English and my book is in Hebrew, I wonder if it will actually influence people to buy my book…