Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stan Tenen Reviews Uri Ofir's Research

Stan Tenen from Meru Foundation sent me the following email from which I bring you three excerpts:
I just read through Uri Ofir's paper on the origin of the Magen David
In his Summary, before the Introduction, he says that the origin of the Magen David is in the tabernacle. Obviously, this is correct. That's in part what my drawings are intended to show.
In section 2B, where he refers to the pomegranate-flower: This is a minor misunderstanding. It's not only the flower of the pomegranate that's important, but rather, the fact that pomegranate seeds are packed together closely, just like the spheres that make up the "13-petaled rose", otherwise known as the "Shushon flower", otherwise known as the cubeoctahedron-cum-lilies. The pomegranate flower mimics the 6-points of the double-tetrahedron; it's another example of the Shushon in nature. Each different fruit and tree mentioned in the Garden of Eden contributes a particular quality to defining the elements of creation, the Menorah, the Temple, et al. The pomegranate teaches us sphere-packing.
          In section 12, Ofir discusses that the Menorah is made of a single vessel, one piece of gold. This is also correct. The entire living system is the "one piece of gold". The vine, the chain of being, is never broken. And the Shushon-flower, and its alternative form, the 3,10 torus knot, consists of a single unbroken ribbon.